Envy Fitness is a premium sportswear brand and producer that creates unique custom made clothing since 2015. Our headquarters and production department is located in Poland, we have distribution partners from all around the world. Our company operates and ships Worldwide.

The fashion industry is our passion, what differs us from other brands is the fact that our clothes are designed and finished by ourselves. Everything is custom made in Europe with the highest precision and top quality fabrics. Our policy is “Quality Over Quantity”.


Envy Fitness has been found by a couple of friends and dream chasers while being students at the university. It all started in a small apartment, back then it was only an addition, a hobby, something we’ve always dreamed about. We were aiming to create a sportswear brand and produce quality clothes that speak for itself with its genuine, simple and clean look. Unfortunately back then as students we were unable to invest much and set customised production. We started working with local companies and clothing manufacturers, a month later we bough our first ever heat-press machine and cutting ploter. We became independent.

Our beginning wasn’t easy at all, creating technologically advanced projects and then producing them without any previous experience with clothing design turned out to be a huge challenge.

We were so happy to see that people appreciated our work and simply love the brand. After 6 months we moved from our tiny apartment to our first real office and we started hiring people! We were no longer able to continue other jobs including studying at the University. It started being serious, we couldn’t handle the growth that’s why we decided to leave the University and dedicate ourselves in 100%. We love what we do and we know we are good at it! Seeing our clients happy is the reason why we want to give you our best and be better everyday!


Our team shares mutual brand philosophy and values, we simply want you to feel good and look good while wearing our clothes, no matter how demanding your training is! We aim to create unique, quality and stylish clothes, but we also care about how it is made!

We are proud that we take an active part in every production step-from the sketch, till the very end including final finishing.

Quality was, and will always be, our priority. Since 2015 we motivated thousands of people, helped them grow and achieve their fitness goals, our brand has been seen in many different places worldwide. We believe that people are foundation of our brand that’s why we care the most about our clients satisfaction. We are continuing our journey with passion and dedication every single day!


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