Our brand was founded in July 2015 in Europe. The fashion industry is our passion, what differs us from other companies is the fact that we are not only a clothing brand but also producers and we produce our clothes ourselves. Everything is custom made in Europe with the highest precision and best quality fabrics. Our policy is “Quality Over Quantity”. We produce for many brands worldwide but EVER FIT is our child.

We’re open to all inquires regarding production and help with building a clothing brand. Our company provides full manufacture services including designing process, sewing and logo printing. We’re ready for both developing completely new products or rebranding our stock items.

Want to open your own clothing brand?

We love working with startups. Starting your own brand can be really difficult at the beginning, we’re always happy to help, share our experience and some of our advice. One of the biggest problems if not the biggest one is the goods production process. Most people have no idea about designing clothes, manufacture companies usually require big quantities starting from 100pcs per style and high sampling costs, this makes the start sometimes impossible for many enthusiasts.

We recommend re-branding service at the beginning of the journey with a clothing brand, minimum quantities start from 10 pcs per style, we have over 50 different styles available for re-branding including the ones available on our store, sampling cost is not bigger than the standard item price, for bulk orders prices vary from 40% up to 60% off its retail prices. Our designing team will be happy to help you with logo design and its presentation on items.

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Customized apparel for your gym staff?

All of our items can be additionally customized with the gym's logo and staff’s positions. We’re always happy to discuss specials offers and provide the highest quality service.

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